Friday, August 31, 2012

Let's Pretend

In order to survive the onslaught of political ads from presidential candidates and the SuperPacs with which they never coordinate, let's pretend that we're those few undecided voters that they're spending squillions of dollars to sway.  That way, we'll be far less apt to throw our television, computer, iPad, iPhone, or other device on which we're being tortured with political ads, against a brick wall with the craziness of Clint Eastwood and his imaginary chair friend.
Let's see what we've got so far.  Two nights ago, Paul Ryan carefully laid out spending cuts without a word about growing the economy.  We're seeing the wonderful results of that very tactic with Greece.  Draconian spending cuts with declining economic growth is making things worse.  Ask Angela Merkel.
At some point, revenues have to improve.  The supply side economic theory that posits that more money for high earners through tax savings will result in job creation was never mentioned once, even through the "Jobs, jobs, jobs" theme has been hammered on by both parties.
Last night, Mitt Romney, followed up by remaining silent as to how the 20% across the board individual and and 28%+ corporate tax cuts will prevent deficits from rising.  That is, as we all know, going to decrease revenues.  As to the goal of major deficit reduction or entitlement program reform, both of which will require trillions of spending cuts to prevent rising deficits, we have no details.
I heard the arguments that candidate speeches are broad-brush, platform related, goal oriented statements made to secure their base, but as a completely undecided person, am I being told to wait for details that will have an enormous effect on my life?
At what point will I learn from where the trillions will be cut?
At what point will I learn the methodology of the implementation of such cuts?
From the rhetoric last night, it appears that the defense budget is safe. 
If so, what isn't?
Here's an interesting exercise.  On this site,  all of us undecided voters can try to balance the budget ourselves.  See how it works out yourself by cutting no defense spending.
Remember, too, that we're cutting current Federal revenues by 20% as well.
I, the undecided voter for whom both parties are spending enormous amounts of money to secure my vote, need more information.
When can we expect to get it?

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